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As you move from your home to the subway, to the city & beyond, Avid Union’s products will keep everything that you carry, safe & within reach – synonymous with YOUR BODY.

Ok, so I got my tech jacket today. It TOTALLY EXCEEDED my expectations! I had high hopes, but the jacket is downright awesome. I will reach new depths (heights?) of villainy in, and look stylish to boot. 

Thank you for this AMAZING jacket. The hardware is killer as it the look and feel. It has more weight than I was expecting, which only makes it seem even slicker. Really, the marketing is good, but the jacket is better is better than depicted! 

Again, my hats off to you with this incredible product!

Brian D. Ferguson

Received my Rib a few days ago, and I love it! A few people at work have noticed but haven't asked about it just yet. I can see the longing in their eyes and its just a matter of time. Thank you again.

Dennis S.