Travel With Technology

Avid Union Travels Throughout the World and Designs at the Nexus of Technology, Social, and Fashion. We believe that there is a real need for fashion to integrate itself better to digital technology in both culture and design.

We take our inspirations from gaming, comics as well as advancements in digital tech. Although we do see some amazing fashion pieces that uses technology, most designs out there are either too expensive or avant garde for everyday users to buy. But there are some pieces of fashion that are not even considered by the industry, which is where we really have the advantage.
We are launching our entire line of tech fashion one project at a time on crowdfunding channels. 

Building an audience that will either take us on as wholesaler or creative partners. It’s truly an amazing time for us. 

With these projects, Avid Union is not only evolving through product design but also creating market and social design.