The Rib 2.0

The Rib 2.0



Re-launching The RIB 2.0. One Kickstarter!

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Everything you ever need at your “Side”
Patented design, upgraded with RFID security protection.

Now following the innovation of the original RIB we have learned, improved, and patented what we now believe is the best holster in personal Security using both physical and digital technology. Re-inventing THE RIB 2.0

What are the most important items that can’t leave your side?

  • wallet - with our main pocket with patented RIFD lining with secure zipper and double magnet it will never be an issue of theft
  • phone - large pocket with heavy duty magnet clip to always be secured and convenient access
  • keys - never poke yourself with your keys in your pocket
  • pen - never have spilled ink on your pockets
  • headphones - organized and easily accessible no more tangled wires
  • ID(passport) -  maximum security for your passports in main zipper pocket for easy access for going through airport security 

Hello Avid Backer!

How have you been since The original Rib was invented? Excellent, I hope!

We at AvidUnion have been hard at work all this time and now we invite you to take a peek into our Rib 2.0. Following the innovation of the original RIB, we have learned, improved, and patented what we now believe is the best holster in personal Security using both physical and digital technology.

One of the most exciting feature update is the RFID patent pending protection lining that we’ve embedded in our main pocket. With this safety feature, whether you have an RFID wallet or not, we’ve got you covered!

With a newly improved buckle that is easier to put on and remove, we have also gone one step further to provide an adjustable strap that fits everyone from size small to extra large! No more worrying about buying the wrong sized Rib!

With this said, we are very psyched to have you guys check out our preview! In terms of colors, there will be the original Black as well as 2 additional colors that we feel represent the current urban warrior! In addition to that, we have taken one of our Rib backers’ suggestions and will be offering a reward as well for one of a kind Rib 2.0 color at a Kickstarter discounted rate. More details on this will be announced on the day of our launch!

Most importantly, we have worked with our factory very closely to ensure that you will receive your Rib 2.0 in time for the Christmas holidays! Use it while traveling or buy it as gifts! We are gearing up for a very short but exciting campaign reviving the Rib with added new features!

We look forward to your support, be it you supporting our campaign or even passing along our campaign info to anyone you think AvidUnion’s designs are up their alley! Our products have been thoughtfully designed incorporating convenience and safety that doesn’t compromise style.

Our team at AvidUnion are your everyday urbanites, travelers and parents! We believe that what we need is what you need. See you all at the start of the Rib evolution!