Making A Difference

Avid Union partners with great environmental initiatives by contributing 20% of revenue of all Core Products. 
Thimble Island Oyster Co. is proud to be one of the first sustainable 3-d ocean farms in the country. Located just outside of New York City, their 40 acre farm uses the entire water column to grow a variety of restorative species — ranging from sugar kelp and oysters to mussels and scallops — and has emerged as a national model for hyper-local sustainable food production, ocean restoration and economic development. Learn more here:
Thimble Island Oyster Co. have created Project Green Wave! With the help of an ever-growing network of scientists, educators and policy folks we have transformed our farm into an incubator for sustainable food production, scientific research and economic development. Our mission is to model our farm around the principles of restoration rather than depletion of the environment – while growing good food and creating good jobs.