5 Things Your Wallet Says About You

Every man carries a wallet when he’s out and about. From holding an ID card to having cash or credit cards for spend, a wallet serves the most fundamental purpose to keep your essentials close to you.

As important as how a man’s clothes say a lot about his personality, a wallet does that too. Especially when you’re on a date or at a lunch meeting and you’ve placed your wallet on the table, people tend to judge.

1) What’s the BRAND?

Just to get this out of the way.

As much as I’d like to say that brand doesn’t matter, it’s always the first thing that comes to mind when they see a nice looking wallet. Is this the latest fashion from GUCCI or Louis Vuitton? He must be holding a high position to afford it. Or is he a salesman that needs some form of success recognition?

Sure. By simply giving the china made wallet an embossed or buttoned well-known logo, it automatically increases its valuable by twenty-fold. But are big brands everything people look for nowadays? There are currently tons of homegrown brands that have a cult following; and they look just as good or even better (#AvidUnionDoesItBest)

2) Over the top DESIGN

Color, print, material etc.; a well-designed wallet brings a good balance to all the different elements a wallet should have. I’ve seen wallets of superb quality, with the perfect cut and size. Everything that would made me reach out for my credit card to purchase it, but then I saw a huge flower splattered on the back of it as though the wallet has been designed by Poison Ivy.

The salesperson looked at me proudly as though she had won an Olympic Gold medal. I had to dampen her mood that day.

3) Is it MESSY?

A wallet gets opened more often than you’d think.

On average, you might open your wallet 3-5 times a day to pay for stuff; that’s where you’ll feel naked. It’s not that difficult to have a quick scan at an opened wallet to know whether you’re a messy person or not. I’ve seen wallets where compartments had no purpose. How does one even find his credit card in that mess?

4) BULKY sucks

My dad get top marks for this - it’s not a compliment.

He keeps his wallet in his left pocket. Many a times, I thought he was just simple happy to see my mum. Can you imagine the bulge sticking out on his thigh? On second thoughts, let’s not go there anymore.

5) QUALITY assurance

You don’t buy a wallet for a month’s usage. You buy it for years.

And that’s where the importance of quality kicks in. It’s very easy to tell the difference from a good quality wallet to a bad one. The material, the stitching, the durability… I can go on for hours but the main point here is that when someone chooses a wallet that’s of poor quality, it really goes to show that he most probably has similar requirements for other purchases in life. I’d go for quality everywhere I go!


So there you have it! 5 things your wallets says about you...or at least what I would judge when I next see your wallet.


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