The Visor: Stealth Hoodie -Face Guard Hood with Clear Vision

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The Visor: Stealth Hoodie - Face Guard Hood with Clear Vision

Identity concealment for rest, play: The hood that can be worn casually, comfortably, and zipped completely over your face giving you the ultimate comfort of peace, quiet, and an image 100% secured.

Vision with your face covered: While completely zipped up, we have built-in mesh panels to allow you to see out with complete clarity.

Enhanced peripheral vision: The Visor’s hood mesh adds the amount of peripheral vision you would have without a hood, while still keeping your head covered and warm.

Mesh ear covers for enhanced hearing: The Visor’s hood ear locations are also covered with mesh, allowing for the smooth transport of sound into your headspace. 

Wire Ducts: Designed for use with your headphones, The Visor is the piece of apparel that most easily allows you to connect with the ecosystem of your Life.








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