The Visor: Stealth Hoodie -Face Guard Hood with Clear Vision

The Visor: Stealth Hoodie -Face Guard Hood with Clear Vision

Super heroes and civilians:

We live in a world of millions of cameras. We should have the power to protect our image, to share it only when we choose, to have the peace that we can choose not to be seen.

Our reality is integrating with technology, virtual reality and augmented reality, at a pace never before seen. Our clothes were not keeping up. The hoodie, the staple of the practical wardrobe, should be built to accommodate the technology that is giving us the power to see and experience the world in new ways, whether through games or added sensors and processors.

In a world where ideas and performance are becoming increasingly important, and old social strictures are crumbling, we demand comfort and the peace that comes with it, in all of Zuckerberg and Belichick’s glory, so we here at Avid Union created… The Visor: Tech Hoodie.


Identity concealment for rest, play, equality, and shenanigans: The Visor: Tech Hoodie has a hood that can be worn casually, comfortably, and zipped completely over your face giving you the ultimate comfort of peace, quiet, and an image 100% secured.

Perfect vision with your face covered: While completely zipped up, we have built in mesh panels to allow you to see out with complete clarity.

The tech hood is also indispensable on those inhospitable windy, dusty, icy, or nuclear fallout/ zombie invasion days.

Enhanced peripheral vision: We always hated how hoods had such limited peripheral vision. We cannot count the number of times we were wearing a hood and listening to headphones when we nearly got decked by bicycles or cars. The Visor’s hood mesh adds the amount of peripheral vision you would have without a hood, while still keeping your head covered and warm.

Mesh ear covers for enhanced hearing: The Visor’s hood ear locations are also covered with mesh, allowing for the smooth transport of sound into your headspace.


Wire Ducts: Connect any way you want to experience the reality you want to. Designed for use with VR headsets, arm sensors, and headphones, The Visor is the piece of apparel that most easily allows you to connect in your life ever created.



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